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Multi-channel ecommerce represents a huge opportunity for your business. To effectively capitalize on this potential you'll need the expertise, best practice processes, strategic / tactical know-how, execution power and sales growth capabilities that specifically address one or all of the ecommerce elements listed below. We are here to address all your ecommerce needs and put you on an accelerated pathway to ecommerce growth and success.

1. Direct to Consumer : your own brand ecomm store

we are your A to Z solution to establish, improve, optimize, manage, generate demand for and grow your direct to consumer ecommerce business regardless of your level of sophistication in this, or other, ecommerce channel. All you need is your solid product - we will help you make everything else happen.


Ecommerce Platforms

  • Evaluation and selection of Ecommerce platforms based on your ecommerce needs

  • Integration with social commerce

  • Templates, apps and add-on, custom work, order management, product content management, Customer experience, merchandising and more

Your Ecomm Site

  • User Experience best  practice

  • Conversion optimization

  • Navigation, search, product pages optimization

  • On Boarding

  • Site management 

  • Road map management

  • Apps and add-ons 

  • Product feed

  • Automated emails

Sales & Promos

  • Promotional calendar

  • Deals & Coupons 

  • Ongoing sales events

  • Mega holidays events 

  • Apps & tools to manage pricing, promotions , discount codes, bundling, BOGOs, Upsell, Cross-sell and more

Digital & Social Marketing 

  • Demand generation 

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • SEM/PPC/Google Shopping

  • Facebook Ads / Paid Social

  • Display 

  • Remarketing 

  • Email 

  • Social & influencers

  • content 

  • CRM

  • Video

2. Amazon, Online Marketplaces & Retailers 

Marketplaces like Amazon & eBay , online retailers like Wayfair and the websites of omnichannel retailers like Walmart, Macy's and many others, have an unlimited sales potential for most brands and products both on the domestic and  international levels. However these channels are becoming increasingly crowded and competitive. Ecommerce Pathways Inc. will help you understand the channels and the business models and  set up , launch , get noticed, drive sales, manage, and grow these high potential channels.


Amazon & Marketplaces

  • Set up & on-boarding

  • Sales representation 

  • Listing & conversion optimization 

  • On-site promotions and events

  • On-site advertising & paid placement management

  • Fulfillment (Fulfillment by Amazon , by  seller)

  • Channel management

  • Sales tax guidance

  • International marketplaces sales & fulfillment 

Retailers & Endless Aisle

  • Introductions to retailers

  • Sales representation & optimization 

  • Drop-shipping agreement set up

  • on boarding, feeds and transaction integration 

  • Listing & conversion optimization 

  • On-site promotions and events

  • On-site advertising 

  • Drop shipping ops

  • Channel management


  • Leveraging online retailers' traffic and shipping 

  • Introductions & sales representation

  • Set up & integration management (systems, tools, solutions)

  • Direct to customer fulfillment processes, management & tools 

  • Multi-channel inventory management & control

International sales

  • Leverage international marketplaces to sell around the world

  • US

  • EU

  • UK

  • China

  • Canada

  • Mexico

  • other

  • Set up and channel management 

  • Sales representation & optimization 

3. Ecomm Operations, Logistics, Shipping & Supply Chain

Regardless of the ecommerce channels your business is selling on, the inventory management, warehousing, ecomm fulfillment & shipping side of the business can get complicated and can dramatically impact your profitability. We help sort out the logistics & fulfillment options, simplify the solutions, defining the processes and aligning the tools required for profitable ecommerce ops. 


Inventory & Fulfillment

  • Assess 3PL vs. in house solutions

  • Fulfillment by Amazon

  • International fulfillment

  • Warehouse set up & processes

  • Cost effective warehouse tools and software 

  • Receiving and transfers processes 

Pick & Pack

  • Inventory and warehouse software & management tools

  • Pick / Pack & order management processes

  • Preparing inventory for Amazon FBA

  • Process Implementation

  • Packaging standards & best practice

  • Prioritizing orders for fulfillment

  • Labeling, tracking, invoicing 


Returns & Refunds

  • Returns policies & processes 

  • Cancellations & refunds policies

  • Refund management 

  • Charge-backs & disputes  

  • Shipping options 

  • Shipping pricing 

  • Shipping solutions, tools and software

  • Shipping partners integration 

  • Shipping based promotions

Inventory Management 

  • Multi-channel inventory management solutions (Branded websites, marketplaces, FBA, dropshipping)

  • Inventory cost control and purchasing decision

  • Integration with shipping , warehousing, accounting solutions 

  • Optimize order fulfillment 

  • Receiving, transfers, multi-warehousing 

content management

  • Site content management on site's ecomm platform and template

  • Advance onsite personalization and recommendation 

  • Multi channel product content management and product content distribution

  • Leveraging centralized cloud base content management solutions

warehouse & Fulfillment

  • Purchase orders & receiving 

  • Locations and bins

  • Pick & Pack 

  • Packaging , shipping , tracking 

  • Stock take

  • Scanning & barcodes

  • Integration with platform, inventory management , shipping solutions

Digital & Social Marketing tools

  • Email platforms 

  • Social management tools

  • Product feed tools

  • Analytics solutions

  • Social commerce tools

  • Influencers marketplace

  • Affiliates marketing platforms 

  • Site search, SEO, CRM and recommendation tools

  • Remarketing tools

4. Ecommerce Software & Tools

Cloud based software has introduced a plethora of cost effective and efficient tools that allow ecommerce businesses to operate more profitably without the need for large technology or infrastructure investments. We help ecommerce businesses sort through the noise and  choose, integrate and manage the most suitable and  cost effective tools for their business.  


5. Other Ecommerce Needs

Ecommerce Pathways Inc. can help you save time and money, avoid mistakes and missed opportunities, and optimize your time to market, conversions and overall sales and profitability by properly managing the following "other" things.


Product Copy & content

  • Product copy and content best practice 

  • optimize conversion through product copy and content 

  • Product copy production and management

Product Photography

  • Set up photography  studio for ecommerce 

  • Cost effective equipment and processes set up 

  • On-model, Off-model photography and product video

Sales Tax

  • Understanding Nexus and sales tax as it applies for online sales

  • Sales tax set up on brand site

  • Sales tax set up on amazon, marketplaces  & retailers sites

Customer support

  • software solutions and tools

  • Social media customer support

  • Chat, messanger solutions

  • CS processes and best practice

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